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Monday, January 14, 2019

by Live Day Break


Your assessment payment schedule is set up to be paid on a quarterly basis. The quarterly assessments are due the first day of the quarter. For example:


January 1 for Q1


April 1 for Q2


July 1 for Q3 


October 1 for Q4



For residents who want to pay monthly, there are a couple of options:



1. Set up a monthly payment plan where your assessments will be due on the same designated day each month. The cost to residents for a payment plan is a one time $45 administrative fee and then $10 per month maintenance fee. The fees collected will go directly towards offsetting the management costs that result from establishing and monitoring each payment plan.


2. Prepay one quarters worth of assessments in advance to prevent the account from going into a delinquent status, then begin monthly payments. At the beginning of the quarter, the HOA withdraws the quarterly assessment from the account to fulfill the payment requirement. Then when the owner pays monthly they are replenishing the funds, essentially saving up for the next quarter.


Please call the Daybreak Community Association at 801-254-8062 for any questions.


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